If you’re working on a live production environment and crossing your fingers when you deploy new code or run Drupal updates, this is the session for you!

This session is going to focus on the importance of following Drupal development best practices, enabling a move toward continuous integration. First, we will identify the common development workflow mistakes and pain points that developers face today, such as untested code deployments or inability to automate schema updates. Next we’ll see how to develop the RIGHT way using version control, multiple environments and CI tools. You’ll learn how to use version control to coordinate development across your team and multiple environments for development and staging to enable automated testing.

We’ll demo a typical scenario that exemplifies a common development workflow mistake and then show you how to recover when disaster strikes!

This session is for Drupal developers, software engineering managers and dev-ops beginners who want to learn and optimize the use of version control and work toward a smooth development workflow utilizing continuous integration. 



Experience level: