Initiating, planning and executing a successful web project involves collaboration from both the implementor and the client. This session will walk through the initial planning phases and focus on what questions usually get asked, what questions should definitely get asked - and the best way to approach answering them from both the developer and business owner perspective.   We’ll teach developers some prototyping tips and tricks to get customer buy in and teach prospective clients what they can do to get the best value out of any web investment.

This presentation will include an example of HTML wireframing & prototyping to help the client understand what’s possible and quickly help the developer outline the scope of work and be able to help the client prioritize and price their project out.

Presented in 360º Panacolor, a mock dialogue between “developer” and “client” with plenty of 4th wall breaking asides illustrating the challenges of building a website for a small business. We will be basing these asides and examples from experience launching, prototyping and building sites of all size and categories.

Some potential questions that may come up and to navigate them gracefully:

  • Facebook has this feature? I’d really like my site to do the same and my budget is 500 dollars!
  • This comp looks great! We can GO LIVE tomorrow, right?
  • I want 100 things on my homepage, that’s no problem right?
  • I don’t really know what’s most important on the site, you’re the expert right?
  • No, No, No, I said MORE BLUE!!!! (and can we get a cowbell sound on there?)
  • A “rotator” you say? What exactly would that look like?
  • “I only have portrait images... will that be a problem?”
  • I’m not a programmer, but it doesn’t seem very hard to...
  • I’d like the site to look like this flashy flash site but also work on my I Phone. How can we do that?


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