Propose ignite talk for Friday "keynote"

As noted in the announcement of registration opening, this year we are going to try a new format for the "keynote" speach on Friday, October 23rd.  In lieu of the traditional keynote where we bring in Drupal or other technical talent we are going to give the participant a chance to do a short talks on something, probably anything, minimally Drupal/Web/Open Source/Personal project related.

If you have an idea for a talk submit it here, on or before Octobr 20th.

We're going to ask 8 people to do what is known as an ignite talk, which is a short talk with only 20 slides that rotate automaticaly every 5 minutes:  In review, each speaker will:

  • Talk for exactly 5 minutes (okay you could do less if you have to)
  • Have exactly 20 slides
  • Their slides will rotate every 15 seconds (no exceptions!)

The idea here is to both learn about what others are doing in the community and give people who may not have enough to talk for a full 50 minute sessiona short, structured format to talk.  In all seriousness the floor is open for ideas on topics as long as it's tangentally related to Drupal.  Sample ideas are:

  • Drupal
  • Web Development/Design
  • PHP7
  • Cool personal projects
  • Why you love the web
  • What you don't like about Drupal/Web Dev/PHP
  • Your favorite Mexican restaurant
  • Your last family vacation

Okay those last two wouldn't really cut it. :)

All that said to get you talk in submit a proposal here.  From all the proposals we will pick 8 talks to present on the 23rd of October.  We will have 2 minutes betwen talks for the presenters to get on stage and get their wits about them, there will not likley be time for question and answer but we'll play it by ear.  All presenters must have their slide decks submitted by October 20th (that's 20 slides!)

If you have never attended an ignite session they are a lot of fun for both the presentrs and the crowd.  Give it a shot, I promise you will have fun.  Heck, it's only 5 minutes right!