Drupal Camp Ohio 2015 registration and session proposals are open.

We're happy to announce that registration for Drupal Camp Ohio 2015, our 5th edition, is now open at http://drupalcampohio.org/drupalcamp-ohio-2015.  
Drupal Camp Ohio is taking place on October 23rd and 24th.  We are changing our format from two days of sessions.  The first day will once again be at the Ohio State University 4H center for a day filled with Drupal talks, trainings and more.  The second day of code sprinting at a location tbd.  The change is largely due to some budget whoas this year and are cutting back on our primary expences (location and food).  We are looking forward to have our very first Drupal Camp Ohio code sprint day on Saturday, October 24th at a location tbd.  This is the reason we have knocked the price back down to $30 this year.
Another change in format this year, will be the "keynote" speaker(s).  We've decided to forgo the keynote talk in lieu of hearing from the most import members of the community, you!  We going to host a round of Ignite talks (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ignite_(event)) in lieu of the traditional keynote talk.  This is to give you an opportuity to showcase: your work, new Drupal related ideas you have, community initiatives, your favorite Drupal site.  There will be more to come on these but the rules are: the topic needs to be relevant (we have a pretty open definition of relevant ;)), the talk 5 minutes long with 20 slides.  Lastly, we will force the slides to rotate automatically every 15 seconds.  If you have never participated in an Ignite talk it's a lot of fun for both the presenters and the audience.  
It's time to propose a session.  Session proposals are also open, propose a talk for Friday here http://drupalcampohio.org/program/sessions/proposed.  Some thoughts on sessions you could propose:
  • Drupal 8, with Drupal 8 down to a dozen blockers we'll be looking for sessions about D8
  • Headless Drupal
  • Backdrop, Drupal Camp Ohio is a Backdrop friendly event
  • Case Studies, talks on how do you use Drupal every day
  • Mobile development, developing for Drupal in a mobile world
  • Drupal and teams development workflows, etc...
We still need sponsorship support!  The main reason we had to move to one day for this year is the due to changes in the budgets at The Ohio State University that left them unable to continue to underwrite the event.  We were able to scramble and make it work but it left us in a less than ideal situation.  We have been coming togther for 5 years now and have a strong community what will continue to grow and thrive for years to come but it's the support of sponsors that pays for 75% of this event.  Without those sponsorships we would likely have a camp but it would not be the event we have come to expect.   If you work somewhere that uses Drupal, encourage your leadership to sponsor, if you happen to have $500 laying around and want to sponsor well.... 
Can't wait to see everyone in October, and get those session proposals in.
See you in October
- Drupal Camp Ohio Team