Drupdates: Automating updates for Drupal core and contrib modules

Time slot

More to come but...

Have you ever had to maintain multiple Drupal sites, including updates to core and contrib modules?  Did you get bit by Drupalgeddon?  Do you simply like hearing about Automation tools?

Drupdates (Drupal + updates) is a command line tool, written in Python, targetted at updating Drupal sites that are tracked and built using Git.  The tool is a single purpose tool that is built to manage multiple Drupal file/folder structures, using make files.  

This script performs 4 major functions (ie phases):
  • Builds a site's directory from a Git repository.
  • Updates the site using drush pm-update, defaults to security update(s) only.
  • Submit a deployment ticket for the updated codebase.
  • Report on the site(s) Drupdates attempted to update.

Come learn more abotut he project, how to implement it and how to get involved (hint: fork it on Github ;)).