• Intended Audience (Principal, Project Managers, Stakeholders, Solutions Architects)
  • Track (Commerce, Design and User Experience, Drupal Community, Business and Strategy)
  • Description: To many, a website is a url that allows a client to say “here, check out my website!”  To a Drupal visionary, a website is tool that provides a business with a solid foundation to grow and prosper from, a sustainable and scale-able solution for the future that has unlimited possibilities.  Learn how to open your client’s eyes to the potential for success that Drupal can add to their business, as well as appropriately guide them down the path that is right for them.  Each client is unique, and so should be each website.
  • Questions to be Answered:
    • How to conduct discovery with your clients to learn the ins and outs of their true needs and goals with their site
    • How to turn these goals into functional requirements, and lay them out in a relatable way to the client
    • How to develop while gaining user feedback,in an effort to engage the client and increase satisfaction
    • How to deliver a product that the client understands, is comfortable managing on a regular basis and grasps how to integrate into their business as a working tool

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Thank you!

Thank you all who attended my presentation!  I really enjoyed the discussion afterward and truly hope you found it helpful.  Feel free to send along any questions you may have as you go about implementing these steps in your project plans.