Keynote: Matt Cheney


Create Once, Deploy Everywhere: How the Cloud & Drupal are Changing University Websites

by Matt Cheney, Co-Founder and Head of Products at Pantheon

Drupal is quickly becoming a dominnent technology for building higher education websites. As the technology powering over 28% of all .EDU sites, Drupal offers a flexible framework on which many universities can standardize their website development efforts. Add into the mix a cloud based hosting and development platform and gone are the "box of chocolates" days where "you never know what you are going to get" with your university website.

Learn a better way to build, launch, and run higher education websites in the cloud using Drupal! See case studies from top universities on how they leverage Drupal and the cloud to power their websites. Get an overview of the industry leading higher education "distributions" of Drupal (Open Scholar, Open Academy, Julio, OpenEDU) which provide lots of useful functionaltiy "out of the box". Follow along with examples of how to create a custom "distribution" for your university containing consistent branding and functionality. Experience a demo of how to manage and update all of these sites in the cloud using the industry leading Pantheon One management dashboard. Leave impressed that with a click of a button you can easily spin up and customize a Drupal site in the cloud the way you want.