IoT - Drupal Energy

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The BACnet Module for Drupal is a means to add dynamic real time data from building automation systems into web sites, turning them into energy dashboards and highlighting owners commitment to sustainability.

BACnet ( the open Building Automation and Control networking protocol) exists in most commercial buildings in the world today.  This seminar will introduce BACnet and focus on it web services components.  It will demo the module and explain how to connect to existing facilities all over the world. It will show how the Greenville Country School District combined BACnet and Drupal with kiosks to make Energy efficiency a focus at its elementary schools.

BACnet web services "2" will soon be released which will specify the commercial building link to the Smart Grid, adding millions upon millions of points to the Internet of Things .

BACnet is in the Whitehouse, Ohio State Unversity, and OHIODAS facilities just to name a few.  

This seminar discusses use of Drupal as an Energy Conservation Measure (ECM).

Session slides located at