Learn how to create new Features for Open Atrium intranet sites.


  • Brief retrospective of the use of Drupal at the GRID Lab
    • Our initial project management system: CCK + Views + Taxonomy
  • Why we switched to Open Atrium
    • Overview of Features provided by Open Atrium
  • How to create a simple Open Atrium Feature: the Jobs Board
  • Brief overviews of a few more-advanced Open Atrium Features:
    • Answers
    • Assignments
    • Glossary
    • Inventory
    • Production Workflow Tracker


This presentation assumes advanced knowledge of the Drupal web-based user interface, and basic knowledge of Drupal module development (in PHP).


At Ohio University’s Game Research and Immersive Design (GRID) Lab, we’ve been using Drupal for our public website and private intranet for years. We switched to Open Atrium in 2009 Fall, and, though it’s been a bit of a bumpy ride, we haven’t looked back.

Experience level: