Trying to understand Drupal's caching?

Have caching turned on and wondering why your site is still not the blazing fast speed demon you were hoping for?

Wonder what the heck memcache is anyway?

In this presentation I will: talk through how to take advantage of Drupal cache layer, de-mystify memcache, show some core hacks (yea I went there) that will allow you to cache content for authenticated users.  Further I will introduce changes made to the cache API for Drupal 8.

This talk will have limited code samples and will assume you understand the basics concepts behind server side caching (Yes I will do a very cursory run through of what that means).  When you leave expect to basic have a roadmap to starting to speed up your site(s) and expect to go home wanting to install programs like Memcache, Mongo, Redis and/or Varnish.


Experience level: