Git is the version control system (VCS) adopted by the Drupal community to manage the core and contributed modules/theme repositories hosted on drupal.org.  Git replaced CVS (at long last :)).  

Learning Git can sometimes be challenging.  Whereas there are few equivelently powerful VCS systems available that power comes with a host of, potentially daunting, features.  With the rise of sites like http://github.com and http://gitorious.org/ Git has quickly become the premiere VCS in the Open Source world.  All of this makes being familiar witht he basics of Git that much more important.
This session will detail the basic of Version control, ie branches, commits, tags, etc..., along with how to use Git to manage your code repository and how to interact with drupal.org using git.  If time permits we will work through some of the more advanced Git concepts like rebasing, merging, blames and bisecting.
While this session will be presented using the command line the concept(s) translate easily to the various GUI tools out there like Tortoise Git and others.


Experience level: