Websites can be victims to their own success when increased popularity causes it to be slow or unable to handle more page views. Websites can also be victims when users are not careful with what's going on behind the scenes after users log in.

There's an enormous amount of available material on both frontend and backend performance and this presentation will cover strategies, tips, and tricks to boost just the frontend performance of your website. Here are some things that we will touch on and discuss:
  • What are the symptoms to look for?
  • What are the areas you investigate for problems?
  • What tools are available to help you diagnose issues?
  • What are some hints and tips for making your site faster? 
While I'll come prepared with slides on tips and tricks I have learned over my years of experience, this will also incorporate community discussion so that everyone can share their experiences. Come prepared with your hints, tips and findings, as well as questions!
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About the presenters
Christefano is one of the Larks at Exaltation of Larks, a Drupal strategy, development, consulting and training company with teams in Los Angeles, Boston and Miami. He's also one of the founders at Droplabs, a collaborative Drupal event and coworking space in Los Angeles. In his free time, he helps organize Downtown Los Angeles Drupal, which is the one of the most active Drupal user group around. If you'd like, add Christefano as a contact on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


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Thanks to everyone who

Thanks to everyone who attended this session! I hope to see some of you at the next High Performance Drupal meetup:


I've updated the slides with a few corrections, as well as some new stats, information on HTML minification, etc.