Working with geospatial information can be a difficult task with any web site, but it also provides important context to the stories and content that you are sharing on your site/application.

In "Checking in with Mapping in Drupal 7," we'll go over best practices in creating useful maps and how to take advantage of geospatial information with your Drupal site. In addition to standard Drupal modules, we'll take a look at technologies that integrate well with Drupal that can help tell compelling stories with maps.

By the time our time is up, you should know how to accomplish the following tasks in Drupal

  • Store points, lines and polygons as fields with the Geofield module
  • Generate location data from plain text with the Geocoder module
  • Create basic (and not so basic) map displays with both the Leaflet and Openlayers modules
  • Strategies to deal with performance bottlenecks that often occur with larger mapping projects
  • What GeoJSON is and how to generate it easily with the Views GeoJSON module
  • How to get involved with others in the Drupal Geospatial community
  • Who John Snow and Henry Whitehead are, and why they're important to the concept of mapping data in general (Historical context FTW!)


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Leaflet library files?

Hey! If you have a moment, I could use a little preparation help. I've installed all the modules mentioned above, as well as dependencies. But I'm getting a message in Status Report that says "The Leaflet javascript library was not found. Please download it into the libraries folder." I have downloaded and uncompressed the Leaflet library files from that link, but I am not sure what exact files I need to upload to my Drupal site or where exactly they need to go. I created a sites/all/libraries folder, but no matter what files I put anywhere in there, I still have the error. I also tried same with the sites/all/modules/libraries folder, no success.

TIA for any assistance anyone can give me on this. Not urgent, I will ask at the session on Saturday if I can't work it out by then.


Hey Eric, 

Hey Eric, 

The proper location for the Leaflet library is within your libraries folder. I think you need to change the folder name to 'leaflet.'