Please check-in at the registration desk in the morning. If you are coming in later in the day, please e-mail us ahead of time. The coder lounge is usually quiet enough to work on your slides.

Session Room Information

Main Auditorium

The main auditorium has a speaker podium and microphone. The audio will be directly piped into our A/V setup for session recording. The room is large and open. It may be best to increase contrast of font color and background for increase visibility.

2nd Floor

The second floor room is a tiered class room. You will be speaking upward toward the audience. The room lighting is adjustable.


The classrooms on the first floor are similar. There is a table at the front to setup a laptop just to the side of the projection screen. There is no audio hook up in these rooms, but your voice should carry well enough to be heard in the back row.

What to bring

  • Your laptop
  • Your laptop's power adapter
  • Your laptop's equivalent VGA adapter or DVI to VGA converter. If you do not have one, we may be able to provide one upon request.
  • Any tools to aid your presentation such as a slide advancer. Bluetooth may work better than WIFI.
  • Presenter notes in case your presenter display fails to function correctly.
  • Twitter or social media handle so that people can connect to you! We'll also tweet out a hash tag for your session.

What will be provided

  • Podium mic
  • Projector at 1024x768 resolution
  • Projection screen
  • Water
  • Recording equipment to capture audio and video (currently main hall only)

What to do afterward