I will be defending my thesis a few weeks before DrupalcampOhio that concludes an 8 year research project I have been studying / conducting. Normal people get a Dr. out of research that long, I got a family, a community, a voice and yes, finally (I hope) a masters.

I'd like to distill my 8 year reserach project down into 5 minutes or less, the topic of which was using activist techniques to form, build and sustain your own Drupal community in the face of universally accepted technological adoption that is not Drupal. Slides would contain:

  • Why there's a historical strain of activism in the drupal community
  • High level of theory of technology and social relationships of people and objects
  • Building consensus through time donation and building a community
  • How you can apply these techniques where you work against people that Don't use Drupal
  • Why you should do this

I would be funny and very visual w/ my slides because, why wouldn't you be, your on stage in front of the coolest people in the world, they can be bored back at thier place of employment, this is the fun zone.

Last year I talked about drupal as it relates to the future of society and automation and made veiled references to this thesis. A few people asked about said thesis and so here we are w/ a submission.

Video URL: https://vimeo.com/144831311