Drupal Camp Ohio 2014 is here!

Hi, Drupalistas!
Drupal Camp Ohio 2014 is here! You likely already know Drupal is one of, if not the, best ways to build a web site. You may have friends who come to the camp every year. You may simply have been waiting for this e-mail. So it's time to get registered at http://drupalcampohio.org/drupalcamp-ohio-2014. For those of you who have something to teach your fellow Drupalistas sign up to run a session, http://drupalcampohio.org/program/sessions/proposed.
Just in case you aren't sure why you should join us for 2014 (or need to fill out a justification for the the powers that be :)), keep reading.
   - Learn! - We'll have two full days of sessions, coder lounge, and plenty of coffee from Friday, November 14th to Saturday, November 15th!
   - Training! - Want a full day of Drupal Training to get you over the common hurdles? Join us Friday, November 14th in our special beginners track as every session builds on the previous session and takes you through all the key concepts of Drupal. This training is included in your registration for the camp. 
   - Network! - The best part about any Drupal gathering is the people and this year's camp is no exception. Last year over 160 people attended and this year we expect even more! For our 2014 keynotes we are delighted to invite Volacci's Ben Finklea and Holly Ross form the Drupal Association.
   - Teach! - Teach! - Are you passionate about Drupal? Share your passion, scratch an itch, and submit your session before October 15, 2014 at http://drupalcampohio.org/program/sessions/proposed. We are looking for work shops, presentations, panels, or demos!
   - Sponsor! - We still have a few sponsorship slots available for Drupal Camp Ohio 2014. As a sponsor, you'll get special recognition at our conference, a space to interact with attendees, and other key benefits depending on your level of sponsorship. More details can be found here: http://drupalcampohio.org/sponsors/benefits
  - Thanks to the amazing sponsor who have signed up so far: The Ohio state University, Pantheon, Digital Echidna, Highlights for Children, OFS Brands & OS Training.
   - Kick It! - No Drupal Camp is complete without an after party where you can let your hair down with your fellow drops. More news about after parties to come, but we're thinking trivia night! Columbus offers plenty of interesting and unique restaurants and the Columbus Zoo holds their annual "Wildlights" celebration.
Now that you know what all awaits you at Drupal Camp Ohio 2014 it shouldn't be too hard to click one more button and register to come! http://drupalcampohio.org/drupalcamp-ohio-2014
Thanks in advance for making Drupal Camp Ohio 2014 better than ever!
- The Organizers