Drupal 8 Code Sprint

Come join us for a full day of Drupal 8 sprints!

A "code sprint" is a day of rapid collaboration and development to solve major and critical issues with a project. Bring together people who want to contribute into a room face-to-face and we can make great things happen.

More details forthcoming about the sprint. If you have a particular issue, documentation, localization, theme, or module you would be interested in working on, please contact us.

Where do I go?

The code sprint is happening at Rev1 Ventures on Kinnear Road. For a map, please see the Location page.

What should you bring?

You should come to the sprint venue with a laptop capable of developing for Drupal 8 and ready to go. If you have never installed Drupal 8 or have never sprinted before, that's okay! You can be prepared by following along with the Community Tools Workshop.

Lunch will not be provided during the sprint, but there are plenty of restaurants within a 5 minute drive in the Lennox Town Center area and along 5th Avenue.

What should you expect?

When you come into the sprint, there should be a sprint map detailing an area where people will be working on a specific set of issues. If you are not sure what to work on, that's okay, we can help find a table. After you sit down, introduce yourself to the sprint lead at the table, get some coffee, and look for an issue to work on. There will be markers, sticky notes and flip boards available around the room.

Time slot