Thanks to Steve Mokris at Kosada we were able to record sessions in the main auditorium in HD. He just finished uploading the videos to Vimeo today. If you missed out on a key note or a session in the main auditorium you can check it out now!

You can either check these out by going to a session page or from the schedule. All videos are contained within the DrupalCamp Ohio 2012 album on Vimeo as well.

Thank you to all of our speakers this year who shared their experience and knowledge with Drupal! In no particular order,

  • George Demet (@gdemet), Steve Vector (@stevector),
  • Andy Kucharski (@akucharski), Promet Host
  • Jeff Robbins (@jjeff), Matt Kleve (@vordude), Lullabot
  • Rod Martin (@imrodmartin), OS Training
  • Kirk Kimmel (@kirkkimmel)
  • Doug Vann (@dougvann)
  • Martin Davis III, MD3
  • Brandon Morrison (@fillerwriter), Mollie Byrnes (@mabfire), Nate Parsons, Ray Stuart (@raystuart), Phase2
  • Chris Gross (@chriswgross), Melissa Miller, Jason Little, Michael Butsko (@mbutsko), the Ohio State University
  • Jim Taylor (@jalama), Ed Reel, Verizon Wireless
  • Jim Sloan, (@jimsloan), Trinity Health
  • Bill Carlin, Nathan Rambeck (@nrambeck), Crown Partners
  • Christefano Reyes (@christefano), Exaltation of Larks
  • Matt VanMeter (@mavame), Wes Ruvalcaba (@wesruv), Highlights for Children
  • Matthew Radcliffe (@mattkineme), Kosada
  • Darrell Ulm (@DRUlm), Advomatic

If you're twitter handle is missing feel free to drop us a line @drupalcampohio and remind us and @sos_jr. And don't forget to share your slides (Some of our volunteers need to do this too!).

And thank you to everyone who came to the camp. Please remember to fill out this year's survey even if you were not able to attend. We received great feedback last year to make 2012 better, and your feedback this year will make next year even better!