We're proud and excited to announce our 2012 keynote speaker line-up. This year we are keeping with our quickly established tradition of bringing you our industry's best and brightest. Joining us on Friday will be the founder of Palantir.net, George Demet, and on Saturday Lullabot's co-founder, Jeff Robbins.

Both George and Jeff have played integral roles in the continued growth and development of Drupal as a top-tier content management platform. Between the two of them they have founded two of Drupal's most successful consulting companies, hosted/planned Drupalcon Chicago, written 20 Drupal modules (including the Zen theme and LoginToboggen), served on the Drupal Association Advisory Committee.  Further Jeff and George have trained, supported and hired some of Drupal's most prominent contributors including, but in no way limited to, Angie "webchick" Byron, Larry "crell" Garfield, Jeff "eaton" Eaton, Dave Reid, and countless others.

Jeff Robbins is co-founder of Lullabot. Before co-founding Lullabot, Jeff developed web sites for Ringo Starr, Participant Productions, Adaptive Path, the Fearless Living Institute, and many others. He also ran a soundtrack music company called SomeMusic.

Jeff hosts Lullabot's Drupal podcast, manages Lullabot's consulting, education events, and media products. Additionally, Jeff has contributed over 20 Drupal modules and themes, including popular favorites such as LoginToboggan, and the Zen theme.
George DeMet is the founder and co-owner of web strategy, design and development firm Palantir.net and a member of the Drupal Association's advisory board. He was also the co-chair of DrupalCon Chicago 2011. With more than 16 years of experience in web design and development, he's overseen the development of a full range of Drupal projects for corporate, educational, cultural, and non-profit clients.