Hi Drupalistas,

Are you ready for some perfect Autumn days of Drupal?

Tell us how excited you are on Twitter with hashtag #drupalcampohio or @drupalcampohio!

And please continue to read some important information to help you prepare for DrupalCamp Ohio 2015.

On Saturday

  • Take note of the sprint venue, which is at Rev1 Ventures on 1275 Kinnear Rd, Columbus, OH or take a look at the map for directions.
  • We will have a few healthy snacks for all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed sprinters. There are a few coffee places near the venue such as Starbuck's and Tim Horton's, and plenty of quick eats off of Olentangy River Road and Fifth Avenue.
  • Bring your device capable of installing Drupal 8, and confirm that you have Git and IRC installed.

And lastly, have a great time! Enjoy your travel and stay in Ohio surrounded by the explosive colors of the trees and swirling leaves of Autumn!