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45 in 45: The Best of the Best Modules for Your Drupal Website

We know that Drupal is a great CMS - but it doesn't do everything right out of the box - and that's where modules come in!

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Absolute Beginner's Guide to Drupal

This is the one session version of the Absolute Beginner's Guide training we have provided at DrupalCon Chicago, London and Denver and last year at

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Anthony Roundtree
Case Study: Cleveland State University using Drupal 7

During 2013 Cleveland State University has begun the transition from a static website to a more

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Drupal Training: Site Building with Doug Vann

Site building workshop with Doug vann.

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Getting started with Git

Git is the version control system (VCS) adopted by the Drupal community to manage the core and contributed modules/theme repositories hosted on dru

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Got caching? Speeding up your Drupal site.

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Got Drupal? Need mobile? m2Serve – A Visual Mobile App Development Platform's picture, pdrake
Improving your Drupal development workflow with Continuous Integration
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Responsive CSS3 built on HTML5

Go over CSS Layout workflow, order of operations and some best practices

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SASS: Writing quicker while making better, leaner and more powerful CSS

Would like to go over:

Advantages of CSS Preprocessors

Some easy to use SASS Compilers

SASS Config Files

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What I Wish Someone Had Told Me: A Beginner's Guide to Drupal Site Building

You know out how to install Drupal and add basic content, but what comes next? Learn how to customize your site and make Drupal work for you.