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Absolute Beginner's Guide To Drupal

A trimmed down presentation from our full-day training at DrupalCon Chicago and London.

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Jessi Sparks, granolapunk
Accessibility and Drupal: Where do you begin?


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Advanced Drush Scripting

Drush stands for Drupal shell, it's a tool to manage you site(s) from the command line, either on your workstation or on the server.

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Content Moderation with Workbench


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Developing with Entity API in Drupal 7

What is an entity, what is Entity API, and how do you code with entities?

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Drupal as a CRM Platform

As anyone who uses Salesforce or CiviCRM with Drupal already knows, collecting contact information from users can be challenging.

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Drupal Beyond the Basics

OK, You got your feet wet and Drupal is starting to make some sense.

As a class we're going to do the following:

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rerooting, ryanstreet
Drupal Commerce + Search API (Solr)


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Hacking Open Atrium: adding Features within the Contexts of your Spaces

Learn how to create new Features for Open Atrium intranet sites.


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Implementing an SEO Strategy with Drupal

Session Slides:

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Preying on the drupal_alter()

When you’re building your next Drupal project the chances are pretty good that at some point you’ll find Drupal is doing it wrong.

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Responsive Design is Easy

Responsive design is all about making your site look good no matter what device is being used to view it.

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The state of mapping and the GeoSpatial CMS in Drupal 7

We'll take a quick look at the history of mapping in the Drupal community, from Location , GMap, and Geo, and do a demo of the Geofield module.

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Themes from Scratch

A walkthrough of creating a custom theme for

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Using Drupal to build Customized Tools for your Clients
  • Intended Audience (Principal, Project Managers, Stakeholders, Solutions Architects)
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vhariths, jasonlttl, jswilkins
Using Open Source Methods to Integrate Enterprise Data with Drupal at OSU

At Ohio State, there are literally dozens of small independently operating web development groups spread across college, department, and business u

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Working with Organic Groups in Drupal 7

Organic groups is a module that enables you to create groups and subscribe members and co