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nrambeck, bigjim Workshop

This is a half-day workshop using the video traing service to dive into exactly what you want to learn about.

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Checking in with Mapping in Drupal 7

Working with geospatial information can be a difficult task with any web site, but it also provides important context to the stories and content th

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Continuous Integration with Jenkins

Jenkins is a robust, multi-platform continuous integration server that can help standardize the way code inspection and integration testing is perf

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CTools Plugins Explained

Many of the major Drupal 7 contrib modules like Views and Panels rely on the Chaos Tools suite.

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Nate.Parsons, mbyrnes
Delighting clients profitably with rapid HTML prototyping using Sinatra & Foundation

Initiating, planning and executing a successful web project involves collaboration from both the implementor and the client.

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Drupal 8, What's new?!

What's new in Drupal 8? A look at the initiative and where we stand with Drupal 8 as well as a look under the hood.


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Drupal Fields & Views; Download and Extend

In a fun, hands-on introductory demonstration, we're going to jump right in and build a super-functional and re-usable photo gallery.

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Drupal Frontend Performance & Scalability

Websites can be victims to their own success when increased popularity causes it to be slow or unable to handle more page views.

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Introduction to Drupal Security

The Internet can be a scary place.

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miller2676, chrisgross
Introduction to Drupal Theming

A hands-on introduction to Drupal theming with an emphasis on responsive design.



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Introduction to the Aegir Hosting System

The Aegir hosting system allows developers and site administrators to automate many of the common tasks associated with deploying and managing Drup

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Javascript : The Good Patterns

Link to the slides

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Jquery UI vs Ctools Modal

Jquery UI provides the basic tool for creating dialogs. Ctools is a Drupal module that provides a variety of PHP tools for developers.

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Keynote: George DeMet

Key note by George DeMet

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Keynote: Jeff Robbins

Key note by Jeff Robbins

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bcarlin, wesruv, gdemet
Lunch & Learn: Is Drupal Right for Your Organization

Note: Limited seating. Separate registration required.

Please join us for Lunch and learn how local organizations are leveraging Drupal to solve a variety of needs.  During this panel discussion, moderated by Crown Partners, you will hear insights from:

  • James Sloan, Web Systems Administrator & Integration Engineer  - Trinity Health
  • Wes Ruvalcaba, Manager of Marketing Web Services – Highlights for Children
  • Vedu Hariths, Manager/Learning Technology Lead Office of the CIO – The Ohio State University
  • George Demet, Founder and CEO - Palantir

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Make your site awesome with Views 3

Views is the most-used contributed module for Drupal.'s picture
Make your website more user friendly (UX)

A quality website is usually praised for its design decisions.

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Node Access for Common Folks With Uncommon Problems

This session is all about allowing some users to be able to access content on your website and preventing others from even knowing it's there.

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akucharski, jay.u
Project Management Tools and Organization


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Site Building in Drupal 7


Drupal in a Day

Questions about this session, Doug Vann or Drupal in general?

Get a solid introduction to Drupal 7 in one day. Doug Vann will help you learn about the most essential features and concepts of Drupal through hands on activities. By the end of this day you will be familiar with Drupal terminology and be able to identify how Drupal sites are constructed. You will know how to identify and choose modules to get the functionality you need.

This course serves as a prerequisite to Acquia's Drupal for Site Builders course.

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Taxi Cab Confessions - Case Study on Connecting Drupal as a Dispatch App to iPad Devices in Taxis

Today’s mobile devices have taken over as the most cost-effective and scalable way to replace legacy hardware solutions, as well as paper sol

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Thunder and Lightning: LoadStorm and Other Ways to Stress Out Your Drupal Site


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Tricking out Drupal for Administrators

Most of the time we build Drupal sites focusing primarily on the user experience of the site vistor.

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Understanding the Form API

This session will focus on leveraging the Form API in Drupal to learn the following: