Drupal 7 has really led to a rebirth of module development in the community, with entirely new families of modules emerging around the new entity and field api framework.  One of those emerging families is the Search API.  Search API is a very powerful tool for setting up anything from a single index, single server faceted search to a complex multi-index, multi-server search.  You can choose among many server types as well - Apache Solr, a MySQL database, MongoDB, and more - either locally or even remotely.  On top of this powerful underlying API framework is an intuitive toolset for setting up field-level search settings, facets galore (via Facets API), and views integration, etc.  The family of modules that Search API provides - without locking you into a specific search backend - is rapidly growing and encompasses a wide array of functionality.

Ryan Street will begin with an introduction to Search API and Apache Solr.  He will help folks explore the basic underlying principles of using Solr and will cover installing solr, installing the module, creating a basic index, maintenance tasks, and drush commands for the search api.

Richard will walk through the process of setting up Drupal Commerce to work very nicely with the Search API family of modules in D7.  Using the server that ryan sets up, he will then set up indexes for drupal commerce entities, configure fields, build some facet blocks and also demonstrate basic views integration for Search API.  If there is time, he may cover some goodies like an AJAX refresh, an exposed filter for creating a search block, and/or a price slider.

Slides coming soon!

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