Drupal Camp Ohio 2014 is here!

Hi, Drupalistas!

Drupal Camp Ohio 2014 is here! You likely already know Drupal is one of, if not the, best ways to build a web site. You may have friends who come to the camp every year. You may simply have been waiting for this e-mail. So it's time to get registered at http://drupalcampohio.org/drupalcamp-ohio-2014. For those of you who have something to teach your fellow Drupalistas sign up to run a session, http://drupalcampohio.org/program/sessions/proposed.

Just in case you aren't sure why you should join us for 2014 (or need to fill out a justification for the the powers that be :)), keep reading.

Are you ready?

Important parking update.

DrupalCamp Ohio participants are clear to park across the street in the parking lot by the soccer field as long as you park in the morning. A DrupalCamp Ohio 2013 4-H Center & Farm Bureau parking permit must be visible in the car.

Are you ready for #drupalcampohio? It's just a day away!